books, books, and more books


Some days I feel like it’s written all over my my face. You know, how much I’ve changed. The colors of my skin clash a murky pale hopelessness of who I used to be. Of course, life gets weird and my thoughts are always changing but can you really get me out of this place?

Get me out of this place.

I know, I know.  I’ve become everything that you don’t want me to be. It’s obvious that I need to change, but rearranging one’s heart is a serious matter and I don’t know how many more attacks this heart can withstand.

I need to walk away.

I need to walk your way.

I’ve been reading books, books, and more books but it seems I forgot everything these white pages were telling me. I’ve lost my mind, will you speak for me? Tell me there is beauty found underneath the grime, that hope can spring from dry wells, and that you can use the useless.

Maybe love pokes through when we’re at our darkest. Maybe grace comes through when we’re broken.


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