a garage sale rembrandt


i knelt down, my hands attempting to grasp what my eyes were seeing. you were inches away from me, waiting for me to pick you up off that dusty crate. maybe you were a dream. or maybe you were actually there.

oh, i believe in timeless art. do you? everyone needs a symphony. music to move the heart. will you play for me? we’re all made to join in the song, we’re all created to duet.

i dusted you off, lifted my head, and smiled slightly. your edges were cold and worn, your spirit rich and pure. like a rembrandt at a garage sale. i fell in love with your imperfections. across your face i saw dirt and i could smell your years on you.

i couldn’t wait to hear you sing. i couldn’t wait to dance. i took you home, i set you down, and i began to float. i began to disappear.

i’ve never just listened. but i like listening to you. tell me, what kind of enchantment did you cast upon me? i want to roll around in it forever.


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