a thousand hopeful waterfalls

You were waiting for me? Weren’t you? The entire time?
Lord, I was so burned out. Mud and blood, dry and stuck to the alligator scales on my body, every piece of me corrupted by the places I had been, mistakes balanced on two weak legs, too many regrets to keep track of, my heart flaking into pieces as the wind swept through me.
Sick of eating loneliness, I collapsed.  
But you walked to me – no, you ran to my side, lifted me with your Albatross wings, and kissed my sin and my stench away. I could see your face. Then the oceans in my eyes flooded out, and on your breast, my tears ran like a thousand hopeful waterfalls, you wanted to dive right in. 
I told you I was wrong. You whispered I was loved. I told you I made mistakes. You said that I was welcomed home. I told you I let you down. You just held me up. I told you I was sorry. You said I am your son.
And then the oceans came again.
We walked inside, but really you carried me, into a house full of song and expectant eyes, there was a feast and a table, I sat in the seat prepared for me. 
I enjoyed the party for the prodigal.
The party for me. 

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