Useless Wings

Cars stampede past me. Through grey fog, faces weighing as much as bricks, these man made stars pierce holes in the low dangling clouds, creating small moons in the dark sky, swirling from every slashing tired. Love is birthed in new beginnings. Why does everything around me feel like it’s ending? Sometimes a tight hug and […]

hero who?

In my dreams I am your hero.  And we are walking down a dark alley, after an opera concert, my hand blanketing your fingers.  In my dreams there is a man, he has a gun, and he is looking to take your life.  I’d like to say I would take the bullet for you. I’d […]

sheep and lunatics

  Inside this fragile chest galumphs a thousand Apache horses on their way to fight a war. I am finding it nearly impossible to breathe. They stomp and they stride, my lungs are entangled with the manes of such wondrous, frightening creatures. I don’t know when I grew so afraid, or why these nightmares chose […]


  It’s a wonder this heart doesn’t shatter. I throw it against so many walls. Walls I have built. We all build walls, don’t we? I mean, they’re the only things that seem to keep the monsters out.   But what happens when those same walls, the ones which were intended for our own good […]

the shadows we own

  i tried defeating myself. i read your words until they hurt. but that did nothing. i guess these shadows were darker than i had hoped. how do you rid yourself of that which dwells inside of you? is it possible? or are we destined to fight the shadows we own? i’m told i have […]

a garage sale rembrandt

i knelt down, my hands attempting to grasp what my eyes were seeing. you were inches away from me, waiting for me to pick you up off that dusty crate. maybe you were a dream. or maybe you were actually there. oh, i believe in timeless art. do you? everyone needs a symphony. music to […]